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The More They Hate (TDB)

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This one comes from something I've said before on facebook (and myspace I think too). "The fact the people hate us for being Christians proves that God and the bible is true." The bible says we'll be hated by the world, and I've had people hate me for being Christian. In fact, I think Christianity is one of the most hated (if not, the most hated) religion on the planet. Why? I think it's because Satan is the lord of the world and he absolutely wants everyone to hate Christianity, because he hates it himself. Also in the bridge of this song... that was a high vocal part. :P And I think the guitar solos in there rock as well... might have to upload the instrumental version too so you can hear it. :)

This is also a song for my Doovie Bros cartoon band. :P

Music and lyrics by Ben Mullins
All vocals and guitars by Ben Mullins (not bass)
All other virtual instruments MIDI programming by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins

Verse 1:
They ask me to prove
That my God is true.
They've hatred for me
For what I believe. (but...)

The more they hate, the more that they prove
That God exists and the bible is true.
So they can hate and bash on my faith,
But I will stand strong, and they prove it each day
The more they hate.

Verse 2:
For God made it clear
To have no fear.
For it's not me they hate,
But it's Jesus in me!

For we're not called to hate, but we're called to love!
To love those who hate us!
If they do, that's alright! Just continue to love
And show them to Jesus!




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Votes: 5
Views: 1,181
Date: 9/22/10
Music: Rock