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You (Austin Batterton)

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Ok, so this is a song by a friend of mine, Austin Batterton... I met on a site acidplanet (www.acidplanet.com). But the orchestra parts were added by me, so I technically have a part in this song. :)

So Austin sent this song to me, but when I listened to it, I thought it would sound great with an orchestra playing the same lead that the lead guitars... so I added it... and got carried away and added more... so all the orchestra parts were added by me, but this is a song by Austin Batterton. It is written for the girl he is in love with! I sure hope she liked it. :)

Music and lyrics by Austin Batterton
Vocals, electric guitars, and electric bass by Austin Batterton
Orchestrations by Ben Mullins

verse 1:
Sit Back, let me tell you about myself
And all the things that I wanted to be
I could write a list so you could read
All my dreams and thought out schemes
(but oh, wo-ho)
They could never compare to you

yeah, you
hey, you
oh, you
I never had a dream quite as big as you
yeah, you
hey, you
oh, you
I got a new dream and its with you

Verse 2:
Listen, you have to know you have all of my heart (a-a-a-all of my heart)
And it takes me time to live without it (um, quite understandably...)
Please be patient, while I collect my thoughts
Their scattered and lost now that I'm with you
It'll take time but I'll get used to you

I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming

© 2010 Austin Batterton




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Date: 9/25/10
Music: Pop