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Flight of The Songbird (Ben Mullins & Clay Wilson)

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Ok, so Clay Wilson sent me this track of him singing a random melody he wrote into a recorder... so he don't forget it. I took it and added my own chords to it. The melody is the first thing you hear in this song. But the part at about 43 seconds into was written by me... that whole section is the only melody I wrote, but I also made up the chords to the other parts, but their melodies were written by Clay Wilson.

I think this song sounds like something Esteban (the guitarist) would do... except, I'm not sure if he'd write the rockin part. :P He might though.

The name comes from his original title he gave his melody. It was originally "Songbird of Peace IV," but I figured since I added a little of my own to it, I'd change the name, but keep it similar. The music reminds me of something in flight, so I came up with "Flight of The Songbird." I'm not sure if it sounds like a Songbird... 3:35 sounds more like an Eagle to me. :P Anyway, it's just music nonetheless, so just enjoy it. :)

Music © 2010 by Clay Wilson and Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins
Acoustic and Electric Guitars by Ben Mullins
Vocals by Ben Mullins




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Date: 9/29/10
Music: Other