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Try To Hide (Mullins & Batterton collab)

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Somewhat of a silly song me and Austin wrote to sound like a secret agent or detective song or something like James Bond. :) This one was a fun one to do! We've been working on it for a while now... finally got to finishing it just now! :D Also, I think this is mine and Austin's first attempt at rapping! :D Well, mine at least... rapping seriously... kinda. :P

Anyway, we hope you like the song... and get a few smiles and laughs! Austin cracks me up at the beginning!!! :D So you know, Chief is in the middle, I'm on the left, and Austin's on the right speaker. Well, enjoy the song. :)

Music and lyrics by Ben Mullins and Austin Batterton
Electric guitars by Ben Mullins
Lead Guitars by Austin Batterton
Electric Bass by Austin Batterton
Trumpet Solo by Ben Mullins
Vocals by Ben Mullins and Austin Batterton

Intro (Chief voice by Ben Mullins):

Chief: Good evening, gentlemen!
Austin: Hello!
Ben: Good evening Chief!
Chief: I have called you hear for a special occassion!
Austin: (burp) These chips are awsome! You want some, Ben?
Chief: Are you aware of this girl?
Ben: Uh... yeah!
Austin: Oh, yeah! she is in my senior arobics class! She is hot! Well, at least for her age you know...
Chief: Well, it seems she has been up to some strange activity lately, and it is your mission to find out what it is!
Austin: Hey this music is really cool! I like it.
Ben: Got it, chief! Agent Mullins signing off!
Chief: This message will now self distruct!
Ben: Uh-Oh! We gotta get outta here!
Austin: Ben, are you sure you don't want these chips cuz they are totally awsome...
Ben: Hurry, we gotta go! AAHHHHH!!!
Austin: hey, did you say something about blowing up? -BOOM!-

Verse 1:
You say, this was nothing serious
You try, to convince me
that we were just friends all the time!

I see you lookin at me, and I just can't help noticing
you standing there! I know it's true, so don't have fear of letting loose!

Try to Hide
All your love from me
All your love from me

But i, inside
Know your love for me
Know your love for me

You can try to lie
You can try to hide
But i already know, cuz i'm a spy

Verse 2:
You want me, to believe you
Though every word is a lie
I'll have you begging for mercy
Begging for mercy
You'll be begging for me.

I see you pretending that you just want to be friends,
and I see right through your disquise, the love you have for me inside,


Bridge (rap section):
You bad girl
Didn't yo' momma tell you not to lie (please don't lie!)
So baby try (try), and just realize (realize)
I can see right through your disguise
Come on girl (yeah!)
You know it ain't right (haha!)
So baby don't you lie (yeah!), and realize
It could be (it could be),
it could be just you and I (just you and I).




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Date: 10/6/10
Music: Rock