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Don't Need To See The Creator (TDB)

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Ok, just finished this one today (Oct 11th). Not bad. Volumes may need adjusting, but music is cool at least. :)

This one is "inspired" (I guess) by a book written by Mark Cahill called "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven." I would recomend any Christian to buy it!! Anyway, he points out that if you look at a T-Shirt, do you need any proof of a creator to know such a man exists? If you see a building, do you need proof of a builder? If you see a drawing, do you need proof of an artist? And if you see an order (like 10 coke cans stacked in rows), do you need proo f that an orderer exists? For some time, I did wonder if god was really real, but after reading this book, it's strengthened me and now I believe nothing can break me down from my faith. And now, I have come up with my own points as well... but Mark Cahill's book isn't all about proving God, it's about being a witness (which is what you can't do in Heaven), and how to explain to those if they question the bible. Had a lot of time to myself today, so I recorded a lot. :)


Verse 1:
We don't need to see the builder
To know that he built the building!
We don't need to see the designer
To know he designed it too!

There is evidence around
If you just open your eyes!
There is proof that can be found
If you just stop and realize! We say...

We know, we know,
Know our God's really there!
Nothing they say
Can change our prayers!

Verse 2:
We don't need to see the writer
To know that he wrote the story.
We don't need to see the artist
To know that he drew it too!

Music and lyrics copyright © 2010 by Ben Mullins
All Vocals and Guitars by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins




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Views: 1,190
Date: 10/11/10
Music: Alternative