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The Abstract Virtues - Brilliance Wilted - Original Song

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Composition/Songwriting/Lyrics: Glockypaws of The Abstract Virtues
Acoustic Guitar/Synth Strings/Synth Piano/Vocals: Glockypaws
Production/Mastering: Glockypaws

This is version 0.95 of this song.

So this is almost done. Need to fix a few vocals I'm too lazy to do tonight and recompose the synths. I think the keys are pretty decent for my whole two weeks worth of ever playing anything with black and white keys, haha. Whatevz, enjoy.

To do list:
-Refine strings/piano.
-Rerecord a few vocal phrases.
-Fix some mastering stuff.

Thanks for listening.


The rose has now long wilted
But t'was not always so
At first it was so brilliant
Until it ceased to glow
Like this heart...
Or his eyes...
I guess it only goes to show

That forever is not forever
That the light's not always bright
We were together but not together
As the longest day turned to night
And one massive wrong made something right..

So as the ink dries securely
I feel pain now etched in stone
His words, they came so surely
For someone so bemoaned
I guess it's what you realize
When your love's trapped in your phone
When you get so fucking sick
Of throwing mutts like me a bone..


Still there is no blame defined
And if there is, the blame is mine
I hope I am forgiven
Though I will not forget
Stronger and now not driven
To cling on to regret
When I realize all along
All along...





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Votes: 6
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Date: 10/14/10
Music: Rock