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Rocket Racer 3



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Ok, I know. This is probably the 100th time I've re-done this song, Rocket Racer, but I like this version. Rocket Racer 2 is pretty cool too, but this one's nice.

I started this one back when I was helping out with Austin Batterton's Dreamer Guy, and haven't gotten to finish it until now.

I kinda like this kind of music. I love the sound of synths, and it's high energy... and music with high energy is what I'm looking for in a soundtrack for my Rocket-X comic. Yea, this is written for my Rocket-X comic (comic of rocket racing in 2040), so I think this kind of music fits well. Wrote it to sound like a video game soundtrack, like a racing game. Hope this song takes you on a ride through the air in a rocket race. Mostly, there were NO loops involved. I did use few in the background to get a fuller sound!




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Votes: 7
Views: 1,255
Date: 10/14/10
Music: Electronica