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A Kiss To Die For


A Kiss To Die For Night! O' sweet, black browed night, take the pale face moon where it is looked upon, at that first flourishing site, love, that winged messenger, and his archers to the battlefield armed themselves against me. I could not defend myself from such a sweet assault, as love, took up his fiery bow, bent, and swiftly drawn, by his own fair hand, and strung my heart to his crafty arrow to wield that mortal blow. I am bound to the pages of love, wished away by old romance, and writing the all telling fame of her art angelic beauty scribed with a doe white feather borrowed from Cupids wing. Sitting there I take her in, between my lips, and within her cheek, I know such roses where her lovely fragrance, is as summer's new born flowers woven into her skin. and if these honey words come to be my last so sweetly composed, and death himself takes my breath from me. May the heirs of heaven breathe in me the dynasties of life. But if my eyes dim in this bright light and show love to you without breath. O my dearly loved, leave me with a kiss to die. Copyright ¬ Valentinno 2010

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Romantic prose poem, 2010.


10/16/2010 8:56 PM
This is such a beautiful poem! Thank you so very much for adding it to this contest! You have been blessed with much talent!



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Date: 10/16/10
Other: Writing