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By 1975 I had graduated not only to sound film making, but also to making longer films. Deciding to take another try at a "Frankenstein" film (an unsuccessful silent attempt had been made in 1973), I was very fortunate to have the terrific talents of Barry Armstrong and Wayne MacDonald as part of the cast. Both were ...experienced stage actors and brought an intensity to the roles of Henry Frankenstein (Barry) and the sinister Dr. Pretorius (Wayne) that otherewise would not have been there.

Rounding out the cast were Robin Wayman, Lisa Miller, and NCP veteran Dom Bolletiero in what would turn out to be his last appearance in one of my films.

Barry, Wayne, and I continued to make films until 1977. I feel this first one we did together was our best non-comedic film.

So while this is early in the week for the Friday Night horror Movie, it is more of an October Horror Movie! On behalf of all involved, I hope you enjoy it! -Paul




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Date: 10/19/10
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