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Buff and Nerdy (Mullins & Batterton)

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Silly punk song me and Austin Batterton wrote. This has been an inside joke ever since we first started talking to each other on skype. There's two smileys on skype... one with a muscle arm flexing, and one of a nerdy guy. If you put them together, it looks like a buff nerdy guy.. so that's where it started. :P A buff nerdy guy is a "rare breed," but I have seen some pictures of nerdy guys who are also buff! :D I'm nerdy, but not buff... Austin too. :P

But Austin gave this song a Christian message in the bridge!!! :) Me and Austin are silly, and this one shows it!! Just listen to the lyrics! :D I wrote the first verse, but Austin wrote the rest. I'm the one singing impossibly high. :P

Verse 1 (Ben):
You may think I'm an abomination
Being buff and nerdy, but just listen!
My computer skills are off the charts, yeah!
But don't mess with me, 'cuz I'll beat you
TO DEATH!!!!!!!!
(Ben: That's right! Yeah! You know it! I'm skilled at both computer and strength!)

I work at the Geek Squad all day long,
Then go to the gym to get real strong!
You might think that's kinda strange! But hey,
It makes a buff and nerdy me!

Verse 2 (Austin):
I can lift a big ol' CPU,
Then stinkin' throw it at you!
Got more pens in my pocket,
Then you have cash in your wallet!
(Austin: Hehe, you know it! You want some of it! You're just SO jealous)

Just the other day, I saw a kid get slain.
Said because he didn't dress their way.
But who are we to chose who goes or stays?
It's our God who made us in each and every way!
(Austin guitar solo!)

Music and lyrics by Austin Batterton and Ben Mullins
Electric guitars by Austin Batterton
Bass guitar by Austin Batterton
Acoustic guitars by Ben Mullins
Vocals by Austin Batterton and Ben Mullins
Produced by Austin Batterton and Ben Mullins

© 2010




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Date: 10/26/10
Music: Punk Rock