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Crazy (TDB)

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Just made this one. Sorry for all the gas in it, but that's my humor. This is written for a cartoon band of mine and called (The Doovie Brothers), but the message is great. I will have to post a fartless version too. :P

Anyway, I think no matter how non-Christians (usually atheists) tell me there is a logical explaination that life came about without a creator, I won't agree! No matter what you start with, life just can't spark out of a bang from nothingness! Logic say from nothing comes nothing. People tell me my faith in God is illogical, but they don't look at themselves. They trust that there is a logical explaination of life coming about without God, they just think they haven't found it yet. You can't get anything out of nothingness!!! 0 x 0 = 0... 0 x 6 = 0... even 0 x 14,265,270 = 0... I don't know how people can pass that up. They're just wanting to be right and live without a God, because (after all) no God means no rules.

Verse 1:
They say I'm crazy
Because I believe
In a God I can't see,
He's imaginary!

But I say they're crazy
When logic clearly
Says we can't come to be
Out of nothing, don't you SEE?!?!?

You may think it's crazy to believe
In a God that we can't even see,
But it's just as crazy to say we came to life
Without a first source to start it all off right!

Verse 2:
You may wonder
Where my God comes from!
You may ponder,
Since all things have a start!

But He didn't come from,
He is and always was.
No, I don't understand,
I just have faith in Him!!!!!!

Firnished with automatic aiming, automatic focusing, and automatic aperture adjustment, the human eye can function from almost complete darkness to bright sunlight, see an object the diameter of a fine hair, and make about 100,000 seperate motions in an average day, faithfully affording us a continuous series of color stereoscopic pictures. All of this is performed usually without complaint, and then while we sleep, it carries it's own maintenence work. (quote from Dr. Scott Huse)

Ya know, if you think about it, 0 x 0 = 0; 0 x 6 = 0; even 0 x 100,000,000,000,000 = 0... You can't get anything to come out of nothing.

music and lyrics copyright © 2010 by Ben Mullins
Vocals by Ben Mullins
Guitars by Ben Mullins (not bass)
Produced by Ben Mullins




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Date: 10/28/10
Music: Other