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The Abstract Virtues - It Gets Better (Original Song, Demo, WIP)

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Songwriting/Lyrics: Glockypaws of The Abstract Virtues
Composition for Guitar/Strings/Piano/Clarinet: Glockypaws
Acoustic Gutiar/Backing Instrumentation/Vocals: Glockypaws
Mastering/Production: I BET YOU CAN GUESS

I'm going to submit this to The Trevor Project, which is a 24/7 LGBT suicide hotline. In the light of the recent and tragic deaths of several LGBT youths across the nation I think attention should be brought to this issue in any way shape or form. If you can donate, I'd recommend you do so as they provide a vital service to many.


Everybody should check out the website and do what they can in their own way to make sure that as few tragedies as possible plague our world.

This is themed around their "It Gets Better" project in which celebrities talk about their own lives (mostly on youtube) and reassure youths that "It Gets Better".

The lyrics are a bit simpler than my normal super wordy abstractions since it's geared towards a younger audience.

To Do List:

-Recompose parts of piano, strings, and clarinet. Have the scales and keys that I want.. just need to make things mesh a little more.
-Rerecord some vocals that simply suck.
-Remaster a few things.
-Submit to The Trevor Project to see if they want to do anything with it, or if they just enjoy it.
-Possibly rework a few of the lyrics.

Thanks for listening. Music/Literature/Art is power, change a life today.


So tell me what happens
When you close your eyes at night
And escape into dreams of a world turning right
Hoping you don't wake up again
Into the nightmare of this waking life

What happens when your rainbows
Are shattered by clouds of grey
And the most vicious of thunderstorms
Will you run away from the rain?
Or see this storm the whole way through?

Because it's not always easy
But it's not always hard
The pain is never very fun
But at least this chapter's almost done
So when days seem hopeless and life is bitter
Just remember, it gets better.

Pride will not form overnight
It grows in our souls with every fight
Won or lost, there's hope now and then
Cling tightly to it when there's nothing else left
I lean on myself when I've run out of friends

[Chorus x 2]

Yeah, life gets better, somehow..




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Date: 10/30/10
Music: Rock