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All The Wrong Places (TDB)

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Wrote this for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers, which I sing as each singer, play guitar as each guitarist, write all their music and lyrics, voice act as each member, and draw all their pictures. :) Kind of a way of putting my talents together.

Anyway... this is something I think. Don't take this as offending. :) But I think Atheists look for proof of God in all the wrong places. That's why they believe there is no proof of God. :) I literally just wrote this song in an hour or so. Not my best. Took a little longer to produce it and add other instruments, but this is how it turned out. I think chorus sounds 80's-ish.

I'm getting sort of a cold... well, not sure if it's a cold or not. Nose is bothering me, and I had trouble trying to record without sniffles and sneezing. :P Voice kinda cracked on the word "minds" in the beginning of the 2nd verse. :P

When I started working on the 1st verse, I was thinking it was gonna sound country. Now it's popish... well, not sure. :P But when I see my Toby Tyball character, I imagine a country style, so that's why I used his voice in verses.

Music and lyrics by Ben Mullins
ALL vocals by Ben Mullins
Acoustic guitars by Ben Mullins (tuned to what Shaun Groves uses)
Electric guitars by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins


Verse 1:
Well, most of them don't believe in
The God that I am servin',
Simply because there's no proof!

They're out lookin for evidence now,
Hopin' that they can see Him somehow!
But they're not going to!

'Cause they're looking for proof
In all the wrong places!
If you just open your eyes,
Then maybe you'll see His face,
'Cause they're looking for proof in all the wrong places!

Verse 2:
Well their minds are different than our's!
They work on logic and science power,
And they want hard evidence!

They don't understand what we've got,
The proof of God and Jesus in us,
'Cause they're looking through the wrong lens!

Don't ever let them question your faith!




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Date: 11/10/10
Music: Pop