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Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe hosta the Maloof Money Cup OC 2010 - Orange County California.

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The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's Tom Spano take you behind the scenes with a, all access to the OC Maloof Money Cup. Maloof Money Cup 2010 Masters (Maloof money cup, masters, Legends, Demo in Orange County hosted by Morgan "HOLLYWOOD " Monroe and Dave Duncan. MMC

(Costa Mesa, Calif. -- Aug. 7, 2010) -- Pierre Luc Gagnon wins his second Maloof Money Cup vert title Saturday night, just beating out Bob Burnquist and Andy MacDonald to claim the $75,000 prize in the Carl's Jr. Pro Vert Championships. Brazilian Sandro Dias amazed the crowd when he landed the first-ever 900 on the Mini Mega ramp, making it the second successful 900 landed at the Maloof Money Cup in two years. The final results are:
1. Pierre Luc Gagnon
2. Bob Burnquist
3. Andy Macdonald
4. Bucky Lasek
5. Sandro Dias
6. Adam Taylor
7. Rob Lorifice
8. Pedro Barros
9. Elliot Sloan

Mini Mega Top 12 Overall:
1. Bob Burnquist 93.002. Pierre Luc Gagnon 89.663. Andy Macdonald 86.004. Rob Lorifice 85.335. Bucky Lasek 84.666. Adam Taylor 82.507. Elliot Sloan 80.008. Pedro Barros 77.669. Ronaldo Gomes 77.0010. Sandro Dias 75.6611. Alex Perelson 70.6612. Edgard Perlera 70.00


1. Chris Cole
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Sean Malto
4. Torey Pudwill
5. Tommy Sandoval
6. Bastien Salabanzi
7. Ryan Decenzo
8. Justin Brock
9. David Gonzalez
10. Billy Marks
11. Jake Duncombe
12. Garrett Hill

Women's Pro Street Final Overall:
1. Leticia Bufoni 276.332. Alexis Sablone 274.333. Marisa Dal Santo 269.334. Evelien Bouilliart 2515. Amy Caron 232.676. Vanessa Torres 219.677. Lacey Baker 2128. Elissa Steamer 2039. Katherine Williams 188.6710. Abisha Alshebaiki 17211. Lorena Lima 170.6712. Kristin Ebling 160.6713. Lauren Perkins 150.6714. Eliana Sosco 134.6715. Rhianna Arnold 108.67

The Maloof Money Cup www.MaloofMoneyCup.com
Concrete Wave www.concretewave.com
Dread or Dead www.DreadOrDead.com
S-One Helmets www.S-One.com
Steadham Skate Industries www.SteveSteadham,com
Independent Trucks www.IndependentTrucks.com
Bones Wheels www.BonesWheels.com
Powell Peralta www.Powell-Peralta.com

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Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show Copyright 2010




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