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The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's Board Paradise Skit Staring Morgan Monroe n Tom Spano

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The Board Paradise Comedy Skit, Staring The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's hosts Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe and his sidekick Tom "The Ripper" Spano.

Do look for the new The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT"
12 City 1 Island 2010 Series

The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT" is opening a door from the subculture skateboarding into the mainstream family lifestyle without changing its roots. Skateboarding started as a way to surf when there was none. As a sport, skateboarding attracts people from all walks of life and, as a sport, has embraced them... from grom to executive, it's always been about rippin'- not the clickin'.
Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe has been skateboarding since 1973 and, over the years, also personally excelled in surfing, snowboarding, dirt/street bikes, and mountain biking. Always the innovator and risk taker, "Hollywood" has always seemed the right nickname for him... he always GOES BIG! His early love for films drove him to the industry, eventually moving him to Malibu in the 90's, acting and experiencing the many facets of the Hollywood film production industry. He remains an active member of the Screen Actor's Guild.
Tom "the Ripper" Spano, co-host of the The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT", is driven by his competitive nature. Tom "the Ripper" Spano has a long, versatile extreme sports history. Professionally snowboarding and mountain biking for years forged his will to excel. He also surfs, skateboards, wakeboards, plays volleyball and soccer, boats, and scuba dives. His energy, quick wit and infectious good nature are the perfect complement to the production. Tom "the Ripper" Spano also is an active actor.
The "no name rippers" are out there, millions of them, only dreaming of someday having that chance to emerge... The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT" gives them the platform to do just that.
We have all watched both the extreme sports and reality-type shows gain in popularity.
Morgan "HOLLYWOOD" Monroe has spent years developing a formula to fuse both extreme sports and a reality show into a proven experimental entertainment production, the first being completed May 18th, 2009 at Stirling Skatepark in sunny Dunedin, Florida.
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT" lets the chips fall where they may, and in Dunedin, the chips fell in such a way that it shook the tradition of conventional contests. Three high energy commentators and an involved crowd made for great performances from contestants from 8 to 48. The trophies and prizes were big...
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT"12 City 1 Island 2010 Series' prizes will rival or exceed current professional events.
Here's the hook: We pitt the placewinners of the three age divisions against each other... NO PROS ALLOWED. In the case of the Dunedin's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT", the first place winner was 11, second place was 10, and third went to a 14 year old girl. Scoring was a points system based on trick variety and level of difficulty...highest score wins.
The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT" 12 City 1 Island 2010 Series is the breakout skateboard entertainment production beginning in late spring/summer.
"HOLLYWOOD" has always supported industry specific charities. In Dunedin, Grind for Life and The Ian Tillman Foundation were the recipients. He also involves the local chambers of commerce and presents the mayors with a large trophy and plaque to display in the city hall. Vigorous co-operation was achieved from the Dunedin Mayor's office, who had previously recommended closure of the skatepark; Mayor Eggers saw firsthand the positive response of families and the value of having a safe and challenging skatepark for the community.
Twelve top winners from the 12 skateboarding-rich metropolitan cities compete at the Hawaiian "Battle of the Summit".
The reality format of hit shows such as American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance have proven that the country loves to follow unknown, talented contestants as they achieve greatness. The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show's "BATTLE OF THE SUMMIT" 12 City 1 Island 2010 Series will "try out" the bevy of contestants in the same manner.


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