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When It Always Is (Original Song, WIP)

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Composition/Songwriting/Lyrics: Glockypaws of The Abstract Virtues
Piano/Cello Sampler/Vocals: "
Mastering/Production: "

~~Tentative title~~

So I've been working on this since last night. I think that's enough for today, gonna go work on some other songs.

This needs to be reworked a lot especially on the instrumental side of things. I've only been playing with piano keys at all for like a month now so I'm still getting used to the sounds it can make [I can play THE SAME CHORD in two different octaves? WOAH, that's crazy for a silly guitarist.] and this is the first piece I've composed the whole way through for piano. Yes, it is in a very simple key and has a stupidly simple progression, but I'm kinda liking how it's shaping for the first time I've tried to mess with such things.

I'm also getting used to my new recording interface and mic, as well as a new technique for removing noise floor... which is why some stuff sounds really off technically.. this is not speaking of them being off vocally. Haha.

I will re-record this entire thing vocally after I settle on a final composition for the instrumentals. Though I need a few days or a week to step away from this one.

Btw, upon relistening I totally hit the first note like about a semitone flat. The first note is such a terrible note to miss D:. But stick with it, it gets a bit better ;]


When I weep, it's always just an ackward humble plea
When I speak, my words they always fall on ears empty
When I scream, my voice.. it's always far too weak
And when I dream, it's almost always of the sea

When I love, I'm always softly prayin' it's enough
When it's tough, I always hope that push will come to shove
When I fall.. it's always down then right onto my knees
And when I'm down, I always stand with new humility

[Days keep on dawning]
Why is this so daunting?
Why must memories haunt me?
Colors keep dissolving
Grey shades now replacing
Rainbows in my eyelids...

When I hurt, I swear it's always well deserved
When I bleed, it's always more than likely what I need
Yet when it's good, it feels like I've got far more than I should
And when things work, there always was a fight, for what that's worth...


When I write, the torment always seems to cease
Wrong or right, cliche or new, these words are the essence of what is me
When I bite, you'll always feel my ache from deep inside
But in moonlight, anguish always will.. shrink and then... subside...

~To Do List:~
-Finish composition for instrumentals
-Rerecord vocals
-Don't screw up removing noise floor D: D:
-Maybe fix one or two lyrics
-Figure out a way to improve the dynamics which just kinda feel off atm.


11/19/2010 9:58 AM
Relly great, I am sure your sound will improve, famed.

11/18/2010 9:07 AM
Not too shabby : )



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Date: 11/17/10
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