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Dirty Water Live at Papago Park

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I decompressed this from an MP4 file I had previously uploaded here and now the quality is better. Especially the sound.

I hear ya knockin'
No you ain't comin in
I don't need no preamble
to the same old BS again
Know about what you're doing
and where you been
You're swimming in dirty water again

You're yelling thru the door now
But I don't much care
If you must spill it baby
Find someone who doesn't know
You never learned when to
Let it be or let it go
You're swimming in dirty water

I get up this morning
and when I leave for work
You're waiting outside
with that stupid look on your face
How could I have ever thought
You had it all
The only thing you ever had
you never earned
You reach out and touch my arm
But hey I don't like it anymore
It's much too late
I quit keepin score
Of you swimming in dirty water

One more thing I'm gonna say
Then get out of my way
I got me something better
And a whole lot more
I don't need your loser ways
draggin' me down
Someday you're gonna drown
in your dirty water


11/19/2010 2:25 PM
What fab lyric and I like it so much,a good one.

11/19/2010 2:17 PM
Oh Oh It's looks like we are pulling a Mili Vanilli LOL
The synching is a little off since I also ran it thru Youtubes video editor to remove some of the talking in the begining



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Date: 11/19/10
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