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Turkey-Toon (Mullins & Wilson)

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A Thanksgiving special by me and Clay Wilson. All are MIDI instruments... besides the fart. :P I imagine a jolly turkey dancing around, then gets shot in the sad emotional section. Then in the fast ending, he continues to dance in turkey heaven. HA, silly... I know. That's what I see though.

Every melody in this was written by Clay Wilson, except the melody in the slow section (which was by me). I also came up with my own chord progressions behind Clay's melodies. So it's a teamwork effort song, but ended up being a pretty cool tune. :) Changed it up a bit with the rock section. :P Hope you enjoy it. Knowing my luck, shamers will come along and shame a masterpiece. :(

Music by: Clay Wilson & Ben Mullins




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Votes: 5
Views: 1,288
Date: 11/25/10
Music: Other