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All The Wrong Places (music video)

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My friend, Austin Batterton, made a video similar to this with a song of his called If I Wrote A Song, and I've seen a few on youtube, so I thought I'd give it a shot. My camera isn't quiet as smooth or clear as Austin's is, so it probably stinks. :P

So you know, I wrote this song for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers, which I sing as each singer, play guitars as each guitarist, voice act as each member, write all their music and lyrics, and draw all their pictures. In this video, the one without a jacket or cap is me singing Phil's line, the one with the Colts jacket is me singing Doov's lines, the one with the hood is me singing Toby's lines, and of course the rest are the guitars... acoustic and electric.

Music/lyrics by Ben Mullins
Vocals/guitars by Ben Mullins
Music/video produced by Ben Mullins




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Votes: 5
Views: 1,208
Date: 12/2/10
Music: Rock