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Punishment NO WELCOME SIGNGOD She walked in the room Scars on her arms, sores on her throat pain and sorrow from the beating she couldnt tote bruised and broken with life long and learned lessons her veins full of shattered glass cutting through her skin no suicide committed here guiding the way she cant steer she has no control its in his hands now he feels her up where hands and fingers are not wanted but his mind pays no mind he wants her virgin and all she says no but no in his mind means YES her innocent body he tries to caress Stop! ...her father, a father dont you love me? wouldnt you do anything and everything in this world to ... protect me tears roll down her face, my face, every face every tear with its own meaning A tear for a fist in a face A tear for fingers crossed and laced A tear for her lonely soul embraced A tear for the love of a father retraced but never found their love should mean father and daughter never unwound her wounds reach from top to bottom side to side inside she is heartbroken outside she is dead cold and abandoned her accomplishments never fed she needed the love but not in that way she wanted someone to love her unconditionally and to never leave but always stay she wanted that comfort she needed that love she had a father but none of the above he brought me in this world she says but why is he trying to take me out is she not the perfect angel you always dreamt about? she is trying to understand but dont misconstrue you are evil the devil dressed in red where blood from her veins poor out like melted lead her face turned red her flesh torn, it will never heal her blood colorless her body is bland and lifeless head down while she walks shameless fields of green grass green you used to buy the belt that tamed her eyes you used to stare her down like prey just give her the strength to walk away!

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This was based on a movie I watched, about a father who only showed his daughter 'sexual attention'. He was very abusive to her!


12/10/2010 12:47 PM Premium
Awesome work! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 12/10/10
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