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Christmas For The Homeless

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I was outside one night recently and couldn't stand the cold wind just cutting right through me... then I wondered, how in the world could the homeless people stand to live like this? I'm lucky to have a house (trailor actually) with a heater keeping the house warm. Homeless have no heat, so they have to try and find ways to keep warm.

The message is about homeless people, but the main message is the tie between them and us who are Christian. Sometimes when I write lyrics, I feel like they come from God, because they speak to me just as it speaks to you... and sometimes, hidden messages in the lyrics come to me that I later realize that speak to me much more. This life is rough for us all, but it's Christmas for the homeless (us who are Christian and accepted the gift God gave us).

You may be tired of hearing of Shaun Groves, but I used his guitar tuning exactly this time. I used to tune mine a half step below his tuning in C, but I got the nerve to try out C#.

Do vocals need boosting? Too bad, for the most part, they're as high as they can go. I also used the same distortion in the guitars as I did in Standing Strong. :)

You know what would be the best Christmas gift this year? Most of you may not know, but me and Austin Batterton (friend I collaborate with on songs a lot) got one our songs (Try To Hide) sent to two people in the industry, and both like it. They are thinking of the best agent to chat with us, so we've got a huge chance in the music industry here! I sing, play guitar, and write music with Austin and all, but I have never even talked to him face to face. He lives in Illinois, I'm down here in east Tennessee. This could be our big chance to meet finally like we've wanted to, and work together doing a job we both love, writing music. IT would be a problem solver to me at least, being that money is getting hard and I'm still left without a job.

Music and lyrics copyright © 2010 by Ben Mullins
Lead and background vocals by Ben Mullins
Acoustic and electric guitars by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins

Lyrics: My life is not what I'd hoped it would be! (I am longing for a home where I can stay!)/ It's hard to find all the things that I need! (It's so cold here everyday!)/ This life is rough!/ The cold is tough!/ The wind, it cuts!/ So is there love?/// Chorus: Every year Christmas time comes by, no one cares for me in this holiday, they just pass by me!/ I am a man trying to survive, but the cold is hard, and these clothes are torn, and I just don't know if I can go on!/ This life is rough, but that's Christmas for the homeless!/// This life, I live it with sorrow and fear! (I have fear I may not make it to tomorrow)/ I don't know if I can keep going down here! (My heart is so hollow)!/// Can you please help me?/ I am so lonely!/ Save me from dispair!/ Does anyone care?/ Life is getting hard/ Fighting in this war!/ I just need a hand!/ Save me from this land!//// Then one cold night on Christmas Eve, I met a Christian man!/ He took me to his family, and I had my first Christmas// Well, the truth here is, we are all homeless. This is not our home!/ Jesus died for us, that's His gift to us, to all of us without a home!//// Chorus 2: I'm a stranger in this cold place, This is not my home, my home's far above, so I'm moving on!/ And I'm just trying to make my way, but the cold is hard, and these clothes are torn, and my shoes are worn, how can I go on?/ This life is rough, but IT'S Christmas for the homeless!


12/16/2010 12:15 PM
Very sad
We have entire families and their pets living in the dry river bottoms out here. All the police do is harass them and run them off. But we can send tons of money to Haiti.



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Date: 12/15/10
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