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Garden party 24x18 acrylic

garden, party, succulent, abstract, painting

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This is the second in a series of curvy, romantic succulents. It was created to be a companion painting to Midnight Rendezvous, its predecessor. I am drawn to curvy, graceful shapes and these two paintings are a more abstract departure from the many other succulents I have painted. I like this new direction in my work, but it is more challenging because I have to trust and stretch my imagination to come up with a workable design that excites me. Right after I completed this painting I showed it at a local summer art festival and an older gentleman seemed to be quite taken with it.. I asked him what kind of paintings he liked and he said he preferred landscapes. I mentioned that it wasn't a landscape. He said it really drew him in, though, and he loved the colors. It tickled me that an older conservative gentleman was so taken with this painting.


12/21/2010 5:30 PM



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Date: 12/19/10
Art: Painting