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Who Stole New Years Day? (part 1)

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Decided to put my new mic I got for Christmas to use a little. It records a lot of bass. Might be good for vocals, but has too much bass for acoustic guitars. Did some equalizer work on them here. I think the mic sounds much smoother than the webcam mic I used previously. It's hard to keep it at one volume though. Sometimes my voice records as soft, then really loud in other places. :(

So if you don't know, The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band that consist of seven members. Phil Marshall (lead vocals and trumpet), Doov Groove (BGV's and sax), Toby Tyball (guitars and bass vocals), Mack McDonald (guitars), Johnny Wright (bass guitar), Lil' Boe Barton (keys and vocals sometimes), and Jack "Ringo" Blackster (drum set). So this is a special I decided to make for New Years Day of 2011. The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band, right? I realized most of my voice acting things are Doov Dube and Duf, but hardly any are Doovie Bros. So thought I'd give this a shot. The song Make Memories is written by me (music and lyrics), but the action soundtrack music comes from a free background music website. I think it's www.freeplaymusic.com ????

What happened to Phil? Haha, I'm not done with the full story yet, but I thought I'd upload different parts as sequels or something. :P Also, no pitch correction in vocals. Yee! :)


Story by Ben Mullins
Voices by Ben Mullins
Guitars by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins




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Date: 12/28/10
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