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Mary May



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Just updated this with changes in the equalizer for my acoustic guitars. My new mic seems to record a lot of bass, so I've had to turn the bass down a little. :(

I think I've got this ready as I can. Added some dance drums and made it less classical/soundtrack. :) Also recorded my acoustic guitars with my new microphone. It's different, but it'll take some getting used to. You can hear the guitars well just a little over 3 minutes into the song. The mic records more bass than my old web cam mic. The only problem I had is it kept getting offset from the music, so I've had to edit it quiet a bit. :/

But again, Mary is a name I find most attractive above all names (well besides Jesus). :) HAHA, ironically, that was Jesus' mother. :P Anyway, most likely if I have a daughter, I'd love to name her Mary. Not so much May though. This song was written for a Mary May, who is on a comic of mine from 8th grade (2003) called The Legend of Girl Island. In the comic, me and my friends grow up, get married, and have kids, and Mary May happens to be one of mine (this is a make believe story y'all). Who knows, when I really do have a daughter in real life and name her Mary (or whatever), I might could write some lyrics over this instrumental based on her. :) Ehh... just enjoy the song.



1/1/2011 10:51 AM
Sounds good



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Date: 1/1/11
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