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Void the Heart:Forget the Present


189710.txtCalls go unanswered, Texts go unread,Someone asks around to see if I'm dead.I don't know they hear, so they come to find out,Here I sit wondering what it's all about.Fuck you for coming, and fuck you for leaving,I'm consuming the poison and you're all kinda weaving.Sorry for this world, and how it must burn,I'm sorry Darlin' now it's your fucking turn.We're only going down to understand what's true,No more helping, you've done all you could do.For years alone are wasted in what I consume,It's time now for you to remove your costume.You're evil intentions have been revealed,This letter was written, signed, and sealed.They say the pen is mightier than the sword,But what's the truth behind a keyboard?Know not the wrath I'm not able to instill,Fear itself and a notion to kill.Fuck my crazy, and demented mind,Fuck you for leaving it all behind.Sorry that I'm only good to use and let go,You'll only see that this is the only thing I know.The dark hath returned when it was merely dawn,It's time for someone else to believe your con.I hate to admit it but I fell for the sky,It's hard to believe but I'd still fucking try.The world was never promised, and life was never complete,But dammit if I don't still have demons to defeat.When you're looking up from the floor after he's hit you again,You'll see that I'm right and the error of your sin.It's only fair if you're in misery too,But for someone who's so happy it's exactly what you do.Fuck you for turning this all against me,Fuck you for not knowing that one day you'll see.I'm only the strongest at the break,I've broken enough times to see what's at stake.Your eyes still haunt me like a lucid dream,And every time I wake up with a scream.Get out of my bed, and release my fears,I'm tired of feeling all of the tears.The dreams are just as real as the past,The past that was never meant to last.The heart is fragile, and it's not complete,Love itself is a dangerous feat.My mind has been corrupted by what you've said,You're the only reason I was wishing I were dead.For months and months, I sit in wait,For you to see and forget how to hate.I know the tears won't dry soon,But the pages of the book are all tattered and strewn.There is no map or notion to tell me what to do,The only map I know, leads me back to you.Page 1

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I was really depressed, and started writing, this is the result.


1/2/2011 8:06 AM Premium
Thanks for uploading! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 1/2/11
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