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ern19's Media

Searching. Sailing in our cosmic ocean, Through which we all travel, I came upon violent seas. The waves, albeit mindless, Seemed to have malicious intent Each crashing wave Sent splinters flying through my hull, Chipped the paint from my bow. Forever changing the face Of my irreplaceable vessel. Yet I sailed onward, Scared. Alone. Ever searching When one day, I came upon dry land. I was unprepared. My bow fell upon the shore Spewing sand in a momentous display. I was startled, But energized. Enthralled by my new surroundings, I left my battered craft to explore this newfound land. And while searching I found an anchor. She was hewn of cold iron, Embraced by designs (most certainly of divine origin) Of spiraling tendrils, Colored in pastel violets, greens and yellows. Transfixed, I decided to take my discovery to the shore. She sat and watched patiently As the tides ebbed And I repaired my still-beaten ship. Until finally, the day came. I summoned the strength and courage To pull my treasure aboard. And that morning, I again set off into the malevolent waters. However, something had changed. Despite the terrifying whitecaps, My ever-leaking hull, And the mouldering paint on my ships sides, I was no longer fearful in my journey. I realized that lifes destination was no Shangri-La, or Land of Milk and Honey. It was just somewhere Calmer than here. And once I found it, My anchor and I would be prepared. One beautiful afternoon, I came upon a bay where I knew Id be safe. The waves no longer crashed In misplaced anger, rather, They lapped at my sides, Gently, like a mothers caress. My anchor was laid in the glistening inlet Where the sky shone in muted blues Rather than the familiar steely grays. I watched the refracted colors of my anchor dance about Under the azure waves beneath me. I sat until the sun set on my newfound land, Bathed in shades of pastel Violets, yellows, and greens. -Aaron Trammell

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This is a poem I wrote using somewhat archaic language in a modern free verse style. It's about a man's search for happiness during a long seaward journey.


1/13/2011 9:03 AM Premium
This is great! Be sure to upload some more content.



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Date: 1/13/11
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