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For Emma

In a society Where order is emphasized, Sometimes, I look for something different. Theres beauty in randomness. Theres something incredibly Attractive About things that just dont make sense. Logic is boring. (Overdone?) I need irrational. Impartially illogical. Forgo the labels and pretense. I want someone Who forgoes the criterion. Isnt afraid to say Fuck the rubric. Ill be graded by what I decide. I have a dream. To dream of something different. To break up the monotony. To fuck up the familiar And take me somewhere new. Away from the normal And into the celestial But where to find such a thing? You have to look long and hard For such a treasure. That is. Unless such a thing, Is sitting right beside you :) -Aaron Trammell Love you, Emma!

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This is a poem I wrote off the top of my head about my friend Emma.




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Date: 1/14/11
Other: Writing