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Sentinel Of Southfork

karchner, western, art, buffalo graphics, taltopia

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Traditional Oil Painting 11" x 14"

Sheldon Hanson of Cody, Wyoming, The Sentinel of Southfork, is of one of Denny’s best friends and hunting buddy. Sheldon lives in the famous valley where the Southfork of the Shoshone River flows. The river flows north to join the Northfork and forms the main branch of the Shoshone River that flows through Cody. This beautiful valley was used as a pathway by many famous mountain men including John Colter and Jeremiah Johnson to conduct their fur trade business. The valley was the main route north to Montana from the Jackson Hole area.

All that know Sheldon think that this great man stands guard over this beautiful Southfork Valley as if it were his own for each and everyone to enjoy!

Denny had Sheldon pose in an old, full length, buffalo skin robe. He was wearing a full coyote skin cap while holding his favorite flintlock rifle.


2/5/2011 8:01 AM
Thanks grnidlady!!

2/1/2011 5:05 AM
denny i love your work . It a wonder it doesnt come to life ....famed /fav

1/26/2011 6:07 PM
Thanks all!!

1/23/2011 3:41 PM
Fantastic work Denny!

1/23/2011 12:52 PM
This is a painting I have seen before and think its so great.

1/23/2011 11:44 AM
Thanks Linda!! I appreciate it!!

1/23/2011 11:04 AM
You are so talented



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Date: 1/23/11
Art: Painting