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BENEFITS OF MEDITATION Meditation is extremely spiritual and personal experience. It takes our conscience to a positive path by changing the state of our mind. We all have power that we may use to indulge our thoughts into positive and effective activities. Seldom do we understand our inner powers of mind. Our thoughts cover us in such ways that make us remain stressed, impatient and which in turn reduces our concentration power. For example, if we try to pour water into a bucket that is already full water flows away. Similarly our brain remains so full of unimportant things that useful things do not get an entry. People who have the habit of meditating get close with their own heart and mind, which allows them to know themselves better. Ones own knowledge is very important to control emotions and remain undisturbed in case of mere issues of life. Daily practice of meditation also allows the systematic unfolding of ones potential and consequently increases their intellect and it creates a state of high consciousness. Relaxing both mind and heart during meditation brings a compatibility of mind and body. This gives one the power to remain steady in all sorts of situation. The power of intuition is also developed. Search for a sound location. Wear loose fitting and comfortable attire. Shut your eyelids. Sit in a straight and erect posture. Relax body and facial muscles. During the initial stage various thoughts come which you must not restrict. Ponder upon the incoming thoughts. Inhale and exhale breathe deeply and slowly. Do not to breathe without observing the breath. Now slowly remove of your mind the thoughts that come. Make certain sounds like oommmmm. Entry of a thought takes place. When the darting thoughts go there is a stillness in mind and it give deep satisfaction. A pleasure arises naturally from the heart. This thought of being well allow us to deal with the difficulties and busyness of everyday living. On practicing you shall get a feeling of empty brain which will give the power to tackle every situation. MEDITATIONS USEFULNESS Reduce tension of muscles and headache. Blood lactate level when lowers reduce anxiety. Heart rate is slowed and blow flow in speeded. Self confidence is easily built. It improves willpower, memory and concentration. Serotonins production increases and it control behaviour and mood. Depression, insomnia and obesity may be a result of serotonins less presence. It leads to improved problem tackling capacity. Sleep is improved. No need of drugs and alcohols to remain happy. Task of meditating is very difficult and needs patience. After you have showed your patience your mind will obey your words and would be able to relax. METHODS TO BEGIN MEDITATION

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