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KIWIFRUIT CRAVINGS Kiwifruit is a small fruit with a brown colored skin but do not underestimate it because of this reason. These are not only tasty fruits but they have qualities which can prove beneficial for the skin, health and hair. The fruit was previously known as yang tao in ancient China from where it originated. Yang tao stands for sunny peaches. Later it was named Kiwifruit after the people of New Zealand and the countrys national bird. It is used as a medicine for small children and women. During the first half of the 20 century, the missionaries brought it to New Zealand. Later during the following half of the 20 century the fruit also became popular in the United States of America. The history behind the name of the fruit as Kiwifruit is quite ambiguous. People called it Chinese gooseberries when it was introduced in the Oceania. Various people hold different view in the matter of its getting the name Kiwifruit. The skin of the Kiwifruit looked somewhat like the feather of kiwi birds. So, many believe that it has been named after the kiwi birds. In versions of some, a company from New Zealand converted the name. Medicinal profits Vitamins, anti-oxidants and potassium are present richly in Kiwifruits. Prevention of asthma, specially from children is considered to be a dominant quality of this fruit. The fruit contains fiber in high quantity which allows the prevention of colon cancer. The antioxidants of the kiwifruit help in preserving better eyesight. Mini Araham who is a nutritionist suggests that if one takes the fruit regularly it may help in increasing his or her immunity against diseases. The kiwifruits are possible for consumption in various ways. While purchasing the kiwifruit, make sure they are plump and contain good smell. It can act as a good ingredient of fruit salad. Mixing the kiwifruit with other fruits helps in enhancing its taste. Muffins and marmalades can also be prepared from the fruit. There are various food recipes where kiwifruit has a important roles to play. Eating the fruit raw is a very easy method to absorb the fun of the fruit. This fruit can be included in almost all types of diet as the calorie content of the fruit is very low. Clotting in blood due to the formation of fat in the blood is prevented by the regular intake of the kiwifruit. Skins benefits Anti-oxidants and vitamins are helpful for the hair and skin and that is why kiwifruit is good for them. Abraham suggests that cell regeneration takes place with the intake of kiwifruits. The high content of vitamins like E and C helps in moisturizing the skin. Anti-oxidants of the fruit help to prevent wrinkles and in addition it helps the skin to remain supple. It fruit performs the task of cleanser and a natural exfoliant. Fruit based cosmetics for the skin has extracts of the kiwifruit in them. Home made face packs can be made by mixing kiwifruit pulp with other fruits or simply alone. Dr. Malavika Kohli is a dermatologist. She advises to prepare a facial by the following method. Using it will allow the skin to become soft, light and exfoliate. To make the facial use 1 table spoon of kiwi pulp along with it 1 tea spoon of papaya, yoghurt and oatmeal around 2 table spoon and 1 table spoon, respectively and finally little orange juice. Mix the above together and then apply the facial and massage it on the face for some minutes. Rinse the pack only after keeping it for around 20 minutes over the face. Hair benefits from the acid called Alpha Linolenic. It is present in the seed oil of the kiwifruit. It had been observed that allergies from kiwifruit affect many people. Therefore, before obtaining the kiwifruit product test whether it suits you or not by testing it over a little portion of the face. Good to know: Hinabelle a.k.a. Golden kiwifruit is nowadays very popular in various parts of the world. It is a new category of kiwifruits. After tremendous experimentation, this was found near the end of the 1990s. It was developed by grating and cross-pollination of different kinds of kiwifruit. The pulp is golden in color and the brown skin is replaced by a bronze skin. The taste is sweeter than the normal kiwifruit. thth

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