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Knee Ache You must be carrying the burden of your family and work on your shoulders but you are carrying your body on your hips and knees. These two joints carry the maximum weight in our body. Women have heavier bodies but they have weak muscles. This leads to pain in the joints. These important joints become subject to wear and tear due to various other causes like hormonal transformation in the body along with physiological conversions. Immature and susceptible: Many young women are nowadays becoming prey of knee aches which usually reminds them of their grandmother. It is certainly a matter to worry. The main reason behind such happenings according to physicians is unhealthy habit of living and nutrition not in enough quantity. The calcium content in the body reduces before attaining the age when one might experience menopause. This lack of calcium in the body makes the bones brittle and thus makes it suffer from osteoporosis. This takes place mainly in elder women. However, younger women must also look into this matter seriously. According to records, it has been seen that more of women of younger ages are experiencing osteomalacia. It is the softening of the bones. Lifestyle with bad nutrition that lacks calcium and vitamin D leads to lowering of the bone strength. According to doctors, the percentage of women with knee problems increased from 10% to 40% in five years. Problems of arthritis and its related troubles have increased due to not having diet with enough protein. Rheumatoid arthritis is another type of such disorder which occurs usually after injuries and it increases. Certain other diseases like tuberculosis also lead to such arthritis due to infection in the knee joints. Preventive measures against knee ache: Physical Exercises- Before doing any sort of thorough exercise do some warming up exercises. As regular exercises help strengthen your muscles you must make it a must to do daily exercises. Swimming or simple walk can also help in this regard says some doctors. Movement of all the joints is a must while exercising. Doctors suggest that besides exercising the muscles one must do some aerobics also. It helps to stay away from degenerative effects. Controlling the body weight- You must check your body weight at regular interval. With addition of every kilo to your weight pressure to your joints is added. Healthy diet consisting minerals like calcium and salts must be taken. Change of posture help the knees: If you do a work that might include long hours of standing continuously, you must be careful about sitting for at least two to four minutes in every hour or two. Similarly, if you are sitting continuously for long in a definite posture then also you need to change the posture of your sitting. Our body is accustomed to movement and staying in one posture for long makes the muscle tired. That is why, while sleeping we change our position involuntarily. In case of pain- Do not sit by crouching or by crossing your legs and avoid climbing up stairs. Avoid playing any sort of sports can be harmful especially squash and basket ball. Twisting your legs can be very dangerous. Thus, avoid such things. Heels only for three to four hour- Wearing heels does not give disorders to your hip or knee but wearing it for long may lead to discomfort. Wearing heels gives an abnormal posture to the body to increase height. It usually disturbs the body by hampering the centre of gravity. Wearing heels for maximum four to three hours is allowed. Therefore, you must carry some sort of flat shoe with you and wear heels only in parties.

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