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SKIN CARE 1. Therapy for rehydration This lotion for regular face care should be ideal for application after the shave, however it acts as useful moisturizer before going to bed. The lotion which is water based gets absorbed instantly into ones skin , making one feel hydrate and fresh particularly after pulling of the sharp razor or at the time of getting exposed extreme weather(comprising short and long haul flights). It resists the formation of stickiness and oily substances. 2. Reversal of age Day cream along with SPF15 having anti moisturizing and ageing properties must be applied regularly on the neck and face. Hyaluronic Acid and Pro Xylane contains which tautens, re-plumps and glows the skin. The protection factor for sun or termed shortly as SPF resists premature ageing effected due to B rays and injurious UVA. If one plans to start ones skin care program a bit later in ones life stage then one should use this type of product. UPS- Turns ones skin appear younger and firmer and leaving behind a feeling of softness as well. 3. Formula for recharging This hydrated formulation of repair and fortifying keeps ones skin in the same condition for a minimum period of twenty four hours. Intended for reviving the natural condition of ones skin, particularly after fatigue, stress and exposing oneself to pollution this face cream is used. The product will certainly revitalize and at the same hydra ones skin. It contains vitamin C and magnesium for recharging dry surface of skin cells. The product is non-oily type and produces an effect which lasts for long time. 4. It rejuvenates Although the product acts simultaneously as fairness cream (it is not advisable and endorsed for any kind of skin rejuvenating product) and moisturizer, it is mentioned here for its unique quality for lightening and getting rid of undesired scars, marks and dark spots. It comprises of extract from Long Dan (an herb which has properties that acts against pigmentation) and Vitamin C. One should utilize this for particular places (mainly injury marks, sun spots and old wounds) on the neck, face and hands but one should restrain oneself from utilizing and lightening in the areas below the eyes. USP- Resists darkening of spots and marks from the sun any further. Five important things one should bear in mind while using the product 1. On should always study the label where details regarding date of manufacturing, date of expiry, shelf life, contents and instructions for usage are given. 2. One should know ones skin type. 3. One should verify the allergic reactions on small part of the body. 4. Everything takes time for working and one should wait for it to act in best manner 5. One should not look for trade name while solution may be found in home remedies for one What kind of skin one possesses How one will know about ones skin type. Each day one should rinse ones face in water and wipe it dry. Then with the help of thin tissue for facial one should wipe the same in various part of ones face covering nose and forehead. If one possesses oily skin, the tissue remains attached there or absorbs greasy type of things that makes the paper transparent. If this type of things does not happen then one has dry skin, while the paper remains attached to ones T-zone(nose, chin and forehead) then one possesses combination of both types of skin. Oily- Oily skin appears shiny having large type of pores, and is likely to blemishes and blackheads. Dry- Dry skin seems stiff, particularly after being cleansed or shaved. Male person having dry skin will likely to develop flaking, wrinkles and sometimes red if one is fair or patches of grey colour if one is dark. Combination- In this type of skin one will usually find medium sized pores and even consistency of the surface, however, ones skin will be found to be dry on cheeks and oily above T-zone. Sensitive- This type of skin appears delicate, thin and possesses pores. This glows easily and is likely to be allergic very often and also vulnerable to breakouts, particularly when the product is of new type and a change takes place in the environment. Bath and shower 1. Shower wash and Sandalwood This sort of shower gel is aromatic and soothing type and is produced from the ingredients of Ayurvedic items. This makes one skin feeling flexible and soft. One likes the suggestions of Indians in the formulation of the product. It is applicable for male persons who do not bother for strong fragrance of after shower and possesses dry to moderate type of skin. 2. Washing of body The unique extract of sunflower basing upon which the body wash is prepared energizes and revitalizes both the mind and body. One likes the kind of foam it creates for the shower and the hydrated and soft feeling which it leaves behind on skin later. 3. Citrus bath gel The shower gel based on aromatherapy has some sort of citrus flavor and comprises vitamin C, orange peel and lemon all of these are mixed with grapefruit, orange and lemon extracts in pure form. A few drops of it make sufficient foams which moisturize ones skin and clean it for starting the new day being afresh. Shaving 1. After shave and men shaving foam Men shaving foam helps one to soften the beard and in this ways lessens razor irritation. The rich ingredients remain close to each beard thus preparing the means for smooth and clean shave. One should use gel for after shaving based on cooling water which moisturizes and softens the skin. One likes the soothing and moisturizing properties. 2. Foam and shaving get Ones shaving gel and foam must moisturize as it acts into ones skin, to permit one to get a cleaner and smoother shave (irrespective of ones skin type) and both the product types just perform that. What one likes It safeguards against micro cuts when one shaves and resist tightening and pulling of skin when one shaves. Antiseptics 1. One should sanitize ones hands The alcohol and herbal based hand sanitizer destroys germs, resists infections, takes care of complete surface hygiene. In the present times of contagious disease and swine flu and particularly from the hygienic point of view one should be aware for keeping this small bottle in ones laptop case, in ones dresser and at ones travelling bag. One should apply the same in ones hands prior to doing any task with ones hands and when one comes in touch with public using matters like escalator railings, elevator buttons, stairways, shared phones, books, computers, door handles, and hot spots of contagious type. 2. Keeping the surface clean One should use this toner of effective nature if one has major type of oily skin or has to remain exposed constantly in the polluted environment, or produces excessive perspiration and prone to feeling grimy and sticky in air-conditioned environment also. One should use it in ones face (particularly the T-point nose and forehead) by wetting the toner in cotton wool not exceeding three times per week, preferably at the days end. 3. Try for the pores-toner For preparing the toner, innovative technology of ISO Bacter is utilized which comprises Salicylic acid of exfoliating type that fixes surface anomalies occurs owing to excessive deposition of bacteria and dead type of skin cells. This is particularly effective for the type of skin which has vulnerability for skin breakouts and blemishes. Using of this toner regularly cleans and tightens the pores and resists blackheads and whiteheads also. Application (regularly if one has to) is needed by wetting in a cotton wool thoroughly and then wiping out the neck and face area with the same.

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