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Super-protection by super-food Get lively and inculcate the following important food items in your daily diet to stay away from diseases The virus of swine flu is now in every part of our environment and it worries us how to save ourselves. Its an interesting question ask ourselves whether we can actually stay aloof from shaking hands with others or stay away from someone when they sneeze or go out with masks on and was hands every now and then? Is it actually feasible? It is better to improve your immunity naturally. Start with some kind of plan for exercise. Walking at a speed of 100 steps in a minute for 30 minutes five days a week is good to improve the immunity of yours. Other than lessening the vulnerability of heart illness, osteoporosis and some other concerns, exercises with moderate-strength lowers the human bodys susceptibility to harm causing viruses and bacteria. This takes place in various ways. First, daily physical exercises allows the lungs to get rid of some air carried viruses and bacteria, which are connected to usual infections of the upper level respiratory tract. Physical activities also speeds the manufacturing power of macrophagus, which are the cells for fighting bacteria. Increased flow of blood allow the circulation of anti-bodies and WBC which are effective in fighting infections and allowing of immunity function to happen by lowering the secretion of hormones related to stress. The immediate step after it is testing your food plan. Maximum people have food while they are on the go and thus never obtain adequate proteins that are present in legumes or meats, vitamins of B-complex that are present in yeast, meats, nuts and cereals, liver and fruits and vegetables supplied richly with anti-oxidant. Eating more than required increases the accumulation of bad quality fat in the body. This type of fat is found in fried and baked foods. You need to balance by preparing healthy home food. Ishi Khosla the director of Wholefoods suggests this. The five following super-foods would allow you to better the immune system, naturally. Yoghurt Yoghurt contains natural probiotic and it helps you maintain good health by reestablishing the equilibrium of helpful bacteria required for optimal absorption of nutrients. Supplementary foods like pro-biotic Yoghurt of Mother Dairy or fermented drink of Yakult is also beneficial. To remain fit have a bowl full of dahi or drink pro-biotic item. Flesh and more White Blood Cells help fight the unwanted viruses and bacteria. WBC increases with intake of zinc containing meat or oyster type shellfishes. For vegetarians it comes from milk and yoghurt. To fight infection non-vegetarians can opt for meat and vegetarians go for leafy green vegetables, kidney beans and lentils as they contain iron. The inclusion of iron is lessened by zinc so to avoid it have iron containing food more. Eating of poultry meat or red meat by healthy persons thrice or twice every week can be done respectively. Vitamin A and Vitamin C Foods of color red, yellow and orange contain vitamin A, e.g. pumpkin, mangoes, sweet potatoes, papaya and carrots. Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause damage of mucosal linings of genitourinary, respiratory and gastro-intestinal tracts that are first means of defense of the body from viruses and bacteria. Parmeet Kaur has the above view, who is the chief dietician of AIIMS. Have oranges, mangoes and lemons to boost your immunity as it contains Vitamin C. Everyday have a papaya, lime and a mango. Shellfish and fish Selenium from oysters, crabs, lobsters and clams lend help in creation of a protein named cytokines by the WBC. It helps in removing flu viruses from the body. Fish oils contain omega 3 type of fats, which lowers inflammation and protects lungs and respiration tract from infections. Khosla suggest having fish oils, as it replaces refined fats like sunflower and kardi oils with soya and mustard oils. He also suggests having seeds and nuts to obtain better fats. If you are not planning to be a mother or if you are not pregnant try having shellfish or fish two times in every week. Garlic It possesses ajoene, thiosulfinates and allicin, which defend infection. A study report from Britain states that it reduces risk of various types of virally infectious diseases by about 66 percent. The food item also prevents stomach and colorectal cancers. It is good to add a little garlic in daily food.

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