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Furniture and fittings, assignment 3, 31jan2010 stCiaraNolan 2771892 BA Interior DesignTheis one of the most popular chairs inDanish designhistory.Made using new technique in which plywood could be bent in two dimensions. Over 5 million units have been produced exclusively byFritz Hansenever since its invention in 1955. It is also the most copied chair in the world.I cannot find an explanation to the form of this chair but ibelieve it was shaped to the human body Manufactured by Fritz Hansenú495released in 1956 after years of development by designers Charles and Ray Eamesfor theHerman Miller furniture company. It was the first chair the Eames designed for a high-end market. These furnishings are made ofmoulded plywoodandleather.HeshanMingpinFurnitureThewas exclusively designed by Mies van der Rohe for theGerman Pavilion. Designed in 1929 a stunning result of the Bauhaus era. It is made of Chromeonsteelframe.Leather cushions filled with PU-foam. The inspiration for this chair came from medieval royal chairs. Ais amodern style chairwith no back legs, relying for support on the properties of the material from which it is made. This famous form wasdesignedby Mart Stam in 1926, and remains an important example of 20th century design. This particular type on cantilever chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, another result of the Bauhaus era.+100Manufactured by KnollA classic Fifties modernist chair. Designed byand, this Eiffel Tower-inspired chair is synonymous with mid-twentieth centuryXiamen MookaFurniture Frenchproduct designer and probably the best knowndesigner in the New Design style. His designs range from spectacularinterior designsto mass produced consumer goods such as toothbrushes, chairs, and even houses.Starck's work does not concentrate on the creation of provocative and expensive single pieces. Instead, his product designs are of usable household items which Starck himself helps to market for mass production. His products and furnishings are often stylized, streamlined and organic in their look and are also constructed using unusual combinations of materials2005, Arad designed chandeliers for theSwarovski crystal company which if one has the number, can display text messages that are sent to it by incorporating light-emitting diodes (LEDs) operated by SMS text messages. He also has had tables that climb walls instead of being centred in the room.Arad's works are often worked into distinctive biomorphic shapes and are created from his medium of choice, steel.2008-09, Arad paired withKENZO to create his first perfume bottle. The bottle was on display in his exhibit.are a design team formed by brothers fromBrittany.In 2007 the firm's "North Tiles" design forKvadrat in Denmarkwon the D -DesignForum AID award and has been included inCappellinis design collection. Their work has included atree-house bedroom and a "table sprouting a bowl moulded from a single piece of heat-weldedCorian". The designs have been described as representing poetic practicality."We don't want to make only functional pieces," Erwan Bouroullec noted.After training as a cabinet maker at ParnhamCollege in England he studied design at the Royal College of Art in London from 1988-90. In 1990 he has worked in the studio of Jasper Morrison and in 1991 he was setting up his own design practice in Munich.Many of his products have received prestigious design awards, the mayday-lamp produced by Floswas selected into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1999 he won the competition to furnish a public square in London's Canary Wharf. In October 2000 Konstantin Grcicis nominated "guest of honour" at the InterieurBiennial in Kortrijk/ Belgium presenting an extensive show of his work.Dark or gilded carved wood and richly patterned fabrics gave way to the glittering simplicity and geometry of polished metal.The forms of furniture evolved from visually heavy to visually light in the 20century. Designers now-a-days will consider eco-friendly materials in they're designs.For Heston Blumenthalhttp://www.kabmurungraya.net/search/modern+restaurant+planshttp://designmuseum.org/http://www.iconicinteriors.com/http://www.madeindesign.co.uk/designer-372-Ronan-Erwan-Bouroullec.htmlhttp://www.designboom.com/eng/interview/grcic.htmlhttp://home.scarlet.be/d.side/pag43_054.htmhttp://www.curatedassortment.com/2010/09/konstantin-grcic-chair-1.htmlModel 3107By Arne JacobsenModel 3107 chairú4,490 Barcelona chairú643 knollcantilever chairRay Charles Eamesdesign expertise ú189.00Ronan & Erwan BouroullecContemporary Chairs Restaurant Interior Sources No Disciplineth

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my final furniture project of 2nd year


3/22/2011 9:03 AM Premium
I just came across your media. Great Work! Try to get more votes!



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