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Alan Ferris Jr. Rocky Seashore

Alan, Ferris, Jr., Painting, of

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This Ferris painting measures 8x10 and I remember it from my parent's home since the early 1960s. I don't know where they got it. We rarely ever went to the Cape. Maybe they got it from my grandparents, but my grandparents also rarely went to the Cape. My grandparents did own a home in Marblehead, and this scene looks very much like what you'd see at Marblehead neck or near Devereaux beach. The painting itself is an oil with thick strokes, as if Ferris used a small knife rather than a brush to apply the paint. I wonder if Ferris ever sold his work in Marblehead. I'm no judge of art, but I think he was very good. A real three dimensional quality.


3/31/2011 10:55 AM Premium
This is great! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?



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Date: 3/31/11
Art: Painting