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Princess With The Dream (The Doovie Brothers)



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Wrote this for my cartoon/virtual band, The Doovie Brothers. I write all their songs, sing as each singer, play guitars as each guitarist, voice act as each member, and draw all their pictures.

I was at a men's meeting with my church, and the teach talked about how though our wives may be older, but they're still looking for that hero/protector/prince to protect them from the monsters and bad guys. I have no wife, but most men I was with did. :P

Had these lyrics written for about a week before I got into recording them. :) Verse 3, I may sound funny. I'm not good with singing softer whispering vocals. :P

Verse 1:
She had the small girl's dream
Since she was only three,
And said it in her prayers

To be saved by a prince,
And make her his princess,
And live happily after.

When she turned fifteen,
She was hurt by a mean
Dishonest boy on a date.

And she wondered "Why?"
If there's any guy,
Is she just too late?

Pre-Chorus 1:
When when she met this man,
She fell in love again!

Even though she may be older,
She still gets locked up in a tower,
Looking for her prince to save her from this place! (hopefully!)

Hoping that he'll take her back, and
Protect her from the firey dragons!
Yea, she's still a pretty princess,
A Princess With The Dream!

Verse 2:
Tommorrow comes today,
And she has to say
This life is just too tough!

With 4 kids in her life,
Her husband by her side,
She feels she's had enough!

Pre-Chorus 2:
But as he runs to her,
She becomes stronger!

It's sad to say that no man wants to be
The prince in shining armor in her dreams.
If she were a real princess today,
I wonder if they'd still treat her the same.

Verse 3:
Then one stormy night
Her life got really tight
Once she heard the news.

On the hospital bed,
So bored and scared to death.
She just don't know what to do.

Pre-Chorus 3:
But when she saw his face,
She felt her fears erase.

Music and lyrics copyright (C) 2011 by Ben Mullins
All vocals, electric, and acoustic guitars by Ben Mullins
Music produced by Ben Mullins




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Date: 4/6/11
Music: Rock