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Written, produced,& recorded by:
Shawn Keown in 2010

Ill suffacate you with a used condom that I just pulled out of your bitches ass
As soon as I pulled out I developed a rash
Siepech from her anal warts burn my foreskin down to ash
Treading through the moist whispering tunnels destroyed & trash
Trapped beyond the furthest points of my mind
Staind beneathe your eyes, So I wont forget what I've left behind
Dissolved as a little white lie
Inhaling her decaying necture one lip at a time
A jar of mayonaiseturns me on more then when your legs are spread
Can't hide from the revolting stinch from the wollard out path were others have fled
Your vaginal lips stail, dripping,& sowen shut
Peeled back & tucked
You expect me to carress such ravaged lips that have already been fucked

Deprived of air, stuck balls deep in the back of that old rusted pick up truck
Its just in your best intrest if you would just shut the fuck up!
Loosed walls feel like a dry porchop
Trust me its no prize even when you get
Consistant, end of resistance!

Post Chorus:
Your not even worth the condom I just Fucked you with
Savoring my juices like a disprete addict failing to get that next quick fix
Malesting her jarring face trying to relieve this infectous itch
Balls deep in to her fragile lips consumed by extascy, where lust is counterfiet

Pre Bridge:
But, your purpose was served when you pulled off of my dick
And to be honest,
you werent worth the condom I just fucked you with

Dont you get it, you were just a nut to me
But, for that one moment with you I couldnt breathe
My tounque carressing her vagina walls as ashe drifts in to my extascy
Consuming her fluids, as she cries for what she so despritely needs
Clutched between the sheets during this orgasmicconvultion
Megans nails scrapping damaged skin from my back until it bleeds
But, you are now mine & I forbid you to leave
Down by the waters edge exsists no god in which you used to believe




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Date: 4/22/11
Music: Rock