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Melody (The Doovie Brothers) - re-edited

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Re-edited this a little, as well as re-sung some of the vocals... and added more vocals. I added a thunder clap after "I'll sheild you from the storm" too, and that was actually recorded when we had those few storms hit us here in East Tennessee with my mp3 player mic. Not the one with the tornados, but the story about two days before it. These last few storms have been some of the scariest ones I've been in. :)

So I wrote this for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers, a virtual band I created where I write all their songs, sing as each singer, play guitars as each guitarist, voice act as each of the 7 members, and draw all their pictures. Kind of a way of putting all my abilities together.

And NO, I'm not using the T-Pain auto-tune robot effect to cheat on singing because I can't sing, because I believe I can sing. I just love the sound of the T-Pain effect... especially for my cartoon voices. This song sounds as if it's written for girlfriend in the boy's perspective without Mack's ending, but it's really written for a father daughter relationship... mother and daughter too. It can apply to parent and son too, but some lyrics say "you're my precious girl..." and I don't think you call a son a girl. :P Anyway, Mack McDonald (guitarist character from my Doovie Bros cartoon band) has a daughter with his wife Michelle. Her name is Melody, and that's where this song comes from. :)

Music and lyrics copyright © 2011 by Ben Mullins
All vocals by Ben Mullins
Acoustic and electric guitars by Ben Mullins
(I previously had my electric tuned to Drop-A, and I didn't want to tune it up, so I just recorded in drop-A... :P)
Produced by Ben Mullins

You're my melody,
And you'll always be
The melody my heart sings!

You're my melody,
And you'll always be
The special part in my heart!

Verse 1:
I'm gonna be right by your side! -flart!-
'Cause don't you know you're mine?
So don't you worry tonight,
'Cause I'm gonna be your guide! YEAH!

You're my precious girl,
You're the top of my world,
And I'll do anything

To see you succeed in life,
Knowing wrong from right.
You make me wanna sing!

Verse 2:
-flart!- You're never gonna leave my sight.
I'll love you 'til I die.
I'll shield you from the storm!
Protect you from the harm!

I used Mack to sing the last pre-chorus. It's not good on purpose, because I don't want Mack to be a good singer. He's only a guitarist for a reason. And it's funny, but I really can't sing good when doing that voice either. :) Figured it might be sweet of him to sing, even thought he's not that good. He had courage in this one, since there's auto-tune effects. :P




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Date: 5/2/11
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