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So if you don't know, this song is based on a dream I had (I think last Wednesday or something). The end is my attempt at writing a poem. :P I actually started writing out the dream just as a story, but it turned into a poem instead. So the poem is basically the dream I had.

Yes, the dream was very sad. The girl died. But it made me realize, there are many people out there who think they're going to heaven, when they never asked Jesus into their hearts. My dad preached last Sunday night, and he said no one's really too offended to talk about God... even non-Christians. But when the name Jesus comes up, it gets kinda uncomfotrable. I will admit when I sing "Jesus" in my songs, it does feel odd. But there are many who look like Christians, but aren't really heading to the same place real Christians are. I'm not saying I'm all Holy and Righteous and God speaks to me in dreams, but may have been a dream from God... idk.

PS - I got the new Building 429 CD called Listen To The Sound that I pre-ordered in January... and I've been listening to it almost non-stop, so this song may have inspiration from the B429 sound... maybe, maybe not. :P

Verse 1:
They look exactly the same,
But they go by a different name. (yeah)

They both hope to make it to the other side.
They both have good intentions on this side of life.
But one thing that more differs them comes from the inside…
One’s accepted the gift of Christ, the other declined.

They both may look the same in our own eyes,
But not all who say His name will enter to the other side!

Church won’t save you, good works won’t save you,
Only the gift of Christ, so look past all the lies,
Because not all who say His name will enter to the other side!

Verse 2:
I once had a dream,
Of two twins who looked exactly the same. (yeah)

They both hoped to make it to the other side.
One made it, the other asked me “How can I?”
(I said) “Accept Jesus as your Savior and the Lord of your life,”
But she just turned her back to me and said "No, I'll be fine!"

And oh, she tried to swim to the other side,
But in her own strength, she drowned in the sea!

And her twin cried for her life,
For she thought she knew her heart was where it should be.

Music and lyrics copyright © 2011 by Ben Mullins
Vocals, elec guitar, and ac guitars by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins




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Date: 5/24/11
Music: Other