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Ashley's Resume 5302011-Film

Ashley M. Kalfas Actor/VO/Crew/Singer Film/TV experience (partial list): Role: Production company: Director: VoiceOvers (partial list): Theatre experience (partial list): Training(partial list): Performer skills: 5440 S Rush Rd Rush Co, 80833 719-478-2843 jedi.princess@yahoo.com Sandy blond hairblue eyes510155lbs Kidnapped Audience Member Citizen-Powered Media Dave GardnerA 9 Life Administrative AssistantPhoenix Fire Entertainment Pamela PrestonDont Be A Victim/What If?(4episods) Various Spike TV/ HDTV Media Jason Van Vleet Misplaced Magic Grumpy Lady in Audience You May Clap Productions Jamey Hastings Star Trek: The Romulan Wars (series) Ensign Chambers Millennium Effects LLC Lee Gartrell Great Gain Bus Rider Perception Films Jeff Paterson Markd Extra ASP Films Kim Pritekel Cook Off Extra Colorado Film School Rachael Villarreal RealLies Teenager IMS Productions Naomi Lee The Mountain Spring Extra Papercut Productions Bonnie Nugent Final Fantasy IX Fandub Wei Aaron Brush Wrath of The Lich King: Maleficence Jaina Proudmoor Cosmos Productions CosmosWing Commander Saga[vg] Additional Voices WingCommanderSagaTeam Anton RomanyukTerminator: The Connor Chronicles Savannah Weaver No Fate Productions Leon De Masi Legacy: The Fall Of Cairne Magatha Grimtotem Stormworks Linus Scheithauer Fire Emblem fandub Natalie Spoiled Fruit Studios Vance BrownCollision Course Lady Ghost Cake Studios The Dragonfire Wars[vg] EmokBlack Fedora Studios Caleb Robinson-CookPlanet Specter Officer & Computer Jonathan DeWitt Infected (series) Julie Beck LP Productions Aaron EllisonDarks Successor (series) Haru & Emiko Marianne Archer The Force Unleashed FanDub Shaak Ti Synth Revolution Henry Montesano III KOTOR: Jedi Masters [vg] Bastila Shan Greg Trex Star Wars Marvels Ch 12 Singer No Line Radio Andrew Gilbertson Galaxy War 3012 Prime Minister Krastapan Off Broadmoor Theater Valerie Santini Our Town Choirs member/cemetery UCCS-TheatreWorks Murray Ross The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Saturday Missoula Childrens Theatre Laura Clapp & Emily Therrien Off Beat Broadway Various singing roles Damon Runyon Theatre Sean Briggs Sherlock Holmes & The 3 Musketeers Tumbleweed Damon Runyon Theatre Sean Briggs The Sound of Music Singing Nun Forestgate Church Joan Funke I Only Have Fangs for You Vegetarian Zombie Miami-Yoder Drama David Johnson The Holy Grail Robin & Bedevere Miami-Yoder Forensics David Johnson Rapunzel The Witch Miami-Yoder Forensics David Johnson The Crucible Marcy Lewis Ellicott Drama Simone Perry-Kerr Oliver! Various ART Betsy McClenahan The Music Man Various ART Betsy McClenahan CTD Filmmakers workshop Bob Garner Castle Rock Film Fest Basic Lightsaber training Various Kempo Karate Faith based acting workshop Brad Wilson Marriott Colorado Springs CTD Motivation Workshop Bob Garner PPLD EastVideography/Photo Workshop Danny Walter PPLD East Drama intensive Various NY-LA-Nash Entertainment Drama J.D. Ford & Jill Cecil Attitudes Center for the Performing Visual Arts Voice Krista Reynolds Attitudes Center for the Performing Visual Arts Ballet Kate DeRoush Attitudes Center for the Performing Visual Arts British/English Accent, Irish Accent, Singing, Voice-overs, Sword fighting, Script writing, Costuming, Swimming, Painting, I have experience with wigs and am willing to cut and dye my hair for a role.http://www.imdb.me/ashleymkalfas thAlan Graves

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My resume


6/1/2011 4:14 AM
when a person is making a resume, they should have enough space.



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