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12/16/10 12/16/10 12/16/10 Faces Every day you see old faces, new faces, but where is that one special face? The one you hoped looked like a sexy vampire from your bookcase Some of these faces are nice, some are mean Then there is one that youve never seen A faces perfectly mixured into danger and love His face looked inhuman, like some sent from above Maybe he was from Heaven, or maybe from Hell Perhaps he was an angel that recently fell His face was pale with shaggy black hair His eyes were bright green, with a blank stare Those mysterious eyes met mine then My sank and I looked away again I looked back up, but he wasnt there All I had to do was say something, this wasnt fair I sighed deeply and heard a sound I jumped slightly and turned around He smiled a little and then was serious His face was unnaturally shady, so mysterious I opened my mouth but nothing came out I had to talk, but there was a moment of doubt He closed his eyes and shook his head I thought he would walk away, but he smiled instead I started to babble but his index finger silenced me Everything changed; his face was all I could see I wanted to be with him without being rejected, in such case I would become dejected He removed his finger after a second or two His body leaned closer, what should I do? He kissed me instantly there was a huge spark I shut my eyes, and everything went dark When he was done I asked what I was for He told me my face he just couldnt ignore He took my hand without balking We turned around and we started walking We stopped in a dark place, and he turned to face me His face drove me crazy, what could he be? You wont figure it out, but count your blessing In a way I wish you would stop guessing His voice was warm as anything yet cold as ice I fell completely silent, this couldnt happen twice Under the trees he looked pale white We were completely alone, totally out of sight Will you love me for the rest of my life? I nodded Then join me, be my wife I was perplexed, what did he mean? He turned around and I saw something unreal, never to be seen He was not human, he was far from it He to my wrist, put it to his lips and bit His eyes brightened up, I wanted to know why The pain was excruciating, I wanted to die The wings extended from his back and we started flying Our fingers were interlocked and tying I never wanted this to end, not ever The moment was perfect, because I was now his forever

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This poem took me a while, its more like a short story




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Date: 6/8/11
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