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Romeo and Juliet- Without the Tragety

2-28-11 3-14-11 2-28-11 3-14-11 2-28-11 3-14-11 ROMEO AND JULIET without the Tragedy Catching his smile across the ballroom I felt my lonely heart start to bloom My life had been so lonely so dark My heart throbbed again and again as he made his mark He slowly moved his way over to where I stood He smiled warmly and bowed, just like a prince would I smiled and bowed back, could I actually have a chance? He took my hand, and asked for a dance I anxiously agreed with a slow nod People started, like what hed just done was odd The mask he wore covered his face but not his eyes His eyes I could see were blue, amazing for most guys We dance and flirted till nights ending I looked into his eyes and realized I was only pretending I wanted to cry, but couldnt in front of him We were in the garden, the light was dim He reached out to touch my unmasked cheek I wanted to see his face, to see if he was the one I seek As if he read my mind the mask came off He leaned in and kissed me, his lips were so soft My arms wound around his neck and I played with his hair I wanted to do more, but could I dare? The kiss ended and I asked for his name Romeo he smiled and a horrible realization came A Montigue, my familys biggest foe Who would that he would be the boy I have come to know? And yours he asked. I looked into his eyes and whispered Juliet His blue eyes widened and he asked Are you a Capulet? I nodded once and the tears released I cried for the chance of being with him decreased His fingers were quick to wipe my tears I wanted to stop, but how could I with all the fears Lets run away together he appeased in an exhilarating tone He didnt care and now I didnt either, I didnt want to be alone I started to laugh and he did too I would leave with him at midnight thats what I would do It was 11:55 and I knew he was waiting I opened my balcony doors but stood there debating I heard him whistling below me very silently This was the only way to be with him, without it ending violently If I got to be with my Romeo, everything would be fine I took a deep breath and climbed down the vine An hour later we were on towns boarder Now, alone with him I was free, without any order He took my hang, and we left town It was so late at night, we didnt hear a sound By the next morning we were way out We passed an odd sign, what was this about? The sign said Two Star-Crossed lovers may enter here it was written in bold The sign was falling apart, it was very old That sign no doubt Heavens gift to us lovers It made me wonder if there were ever any others We joined hands and we were ready to go I turned to him and kissed him, loving no one would know I love you he whispered, this was just the beginning, still all new My old life was over, this was the future, I smiled widely and told him, I love you too

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This is how this classic love story should have ended


6/27/2011 10:41 AM
How would I do that? Haha I'm sort of new at this..

6/8/2011 1:42 PM Premium
Awesome! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?



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Date: 6/8/11
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