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My Dark Angel


5/2/11 5/2/11 My Dark Angel Seeing the faded pink scars below my hand I couldnt bear, I couldnt stand I didnt know what to do next I was so hurt, so vexed My body went numb except for one part The place it hurt worse, that place was my heart My skin pale while, and my hair black There are so many things I Iack Beauty and brains but one so much more The one thing I need that makes my heart sore I thing I need most in this world is you This feeling comes often, this is nothing new I look in the mirror and see my tear streaked cheeks The face that has been untouched the past several weeks I see myself merely as a ghost The last kiss is what I really miss the most I will never forget the first time I read the note The piece of paper that was so tragically wrote I look at the picture of us from last Demeber Twas when we were together I will always remember You were so perfect as far as I could tell Now because of what youve done you sit in Hell I long to be with you, but not today I put the note down, and out it away I cried a little, and then started to weep I clung to my pillow, and fell asleep In my dreams you were here I felt my slumbering self shed a tear You touched my face and held my hand Meeting this way was secret, they could never be planned Unfortunately my dark angel could not be here to stay He gave a long, passionate kiss and walked away I awoke with a sudden chill that ran through me I looked around but there was nothing to see Seeing him in my dreams was good for now But I will one day be with him forever somehow

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I have no idea where i came up with this but its sad :/




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Date: 6/8/11
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