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Dedicated to all Indies.
You may have seen the term Indie scattered throughout the site but you may not really understand what it means. Indies are Independent artists who put out their music themselves without going through a major record company. I am a big proponent of Indies. The more middle men there are between the artist and the audience, the more people get a say on the material and, of course, a cut of the profits. The final result is often pap that some committee has decided will appeal to the most listeners. These days radio stations, record labels, distributors and even the largest retail outlets are owned by huge corporations – often the same corporations. The bottom line is generally more important than the quality or variety of the music. This makes it almost impossible for a new artist or act to get a foot in the door unless they are practically a carbon copy of one of the corporate generated mega-stars. Even acts that do get signed can find out that they no longer own their music, have any say in where or when the tour and often they see very little profit even from a cd that sells fairly well. New acts will not be well promoted by record labels, distributors or tour companies. If there is any publicity at all the act often has to provide it themselves.

The Indies are pretty much the last bastions of original music that actually has something to say which has not been “approved” by someone higher up the corporate chain. There are indies in every genre of music out there fighting the good fight. They deserve our full support and encouragement to keep the voice of the artist from being stifled by corporate interests.
by JaneW


7/26/2011 9:27 PM
Indies bring a richness to the music industry that would be completely lost by corporate big-wigs. I love the independent musicians and the purity of thier music!



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Date: 6/22/11
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