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Open Your Eyes & Friends With Yourself (TDB Live)

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TDB = The Doovie Brothers. The Doovie Bros are a cartoon band I created where I voice act as each member, write their music, sing as each singer, play guitars as each guitarist, and draw their pictures. They're not real, so they really can't give a live concert... but I try to make them sound real and make little live recordings like this. They're not real, but the creator, artist, and performer of these two track IS REAL (Ben Mullins).

This is something old, but I messed around with the production of it and tried to make it sound more live. I just finished a live version of The More They Hate, and realized adding a doubling delay to vocals and guitars really help to make it sound more full. So this is what I did with these two tracks. This is Open Your Eyes and Friends with Yourself. If it makes it onto a live CD, it will be two seperate tracks, but this is how it would sound with them both together. :)

There's no pitch correction in Open Your Eyes, however there is correction in Friends With Yourself. The guitars were a little sharp, so I used a pitch shifter to tune them down. Ended up sounding bad because my vocals were singing in tune with the sharp guitars... so I had to use G-Snap to fix it. :P Hey, it's not even a real concert, so I can do that. :) Wish I could do that in real life though. :P

Music and lyrics copyright © 2009 by Ben Mullins
Live version copyright © 2010 by Ben Mullins
Vocals and voices by Ben Mullins
Guitars by Ben Mullins
Trombone by Ben Mullins
Produced by Ben Mullins




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Date: 6/24/11
Music: Rock