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A Steady Decline

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i got the idea for this song i was walking with my mom and niece and nephew and a car was driving slow by the slides and monkey bars a real weird guy was staring at the kids it made me realize how different the town i grow up in is than i remember it as a kid i heard that a couple of blocks from where i grew up had a stabbing incident and i used to ride my bike there now lots of people i know come from broken homes. and i hated to see my niece and nephew will some day have to realize these truths the chorus hits almost like a punch line to a joke that you can change such truths but if everyone tried to change things we could make a difference even if its a hardly noticeable one. the first line follows how ive noticed where graffiti springs up violence and crime follow like a music video i imagine myself taking the walk through my home town and the side walks crack with each step.




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Votes: 2
Views: 1,667
Date: 7/17/11
Music: Alternative