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The Infected Fieces - Rouph Demo -


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This song was written, produced & recorded by: Shawn Keown in late 2010. This is just the rouph mix version.....

The Infectious Fieces
Written, Produced,& Performed by: Shawn Keown
Recorded in Late 2010 @ Fat Studios

Fieces staind beneathe so abroupt!
What remains so abroupt!

Drained from the infected womb of the malested stilborn fetus
Nipples of the affectionate nurture will never feed us
Forever starved for what we deprnd on will never complete us
Not granted the right to develope & demand that you be aborted
To the enjhustice of releivingthe moral aspect that will never be supported

Chorus :Close your eyes
Through these desprite times
Only God knows why
Your all denied from the waters edge where you lie

In this alibi
Never justified
Can't god answer why i have been unjustly chosen to sacrifice
Bled through tears of the christ
Carved from my lips never to repeat
No retreat, No Mother F*cken surrender
I am the fear inherited to the seizure & Capture

From the lost presence of the remains of the silouette of the god that has rejected you
Veins suffacated & convulsing from the closehanger lacerating eyes that have turned blue,
F*ck You,
Your mentally incapible of conceivingany notion of the so-called truth
Distorted images of intertwining abuse
through such a pathetic excuse
But, i refuse, so saddend &* confused


How does it feel top be suffacated by your own hands?

Bridge: Lost!
You have been dismembered to avoid being idenifeid
I will suffacate you with your own hand until i feel satisfied
No remorse thats bleed through ignorance thats so intense
Raped by the numbing cold chill not forgotten sense then

You are to superficail
Empure thoughts so critical
but sinicle
Ravaging upon the remains of your chard altar to earse words once considered so biblical

Drowning in mercyless ridicual
To end a life branded so pityful!

How does it feel to be suffacated upon your own hands!!!




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Date: 7/22/11
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