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6.silent hate

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silent hate

human intelligence has no end
dictate, to steal, exploit,
deceive the masses
in the history of speculation
we are in first place
how many religions,
so many conflicts
effect is the war
you can to shame


f..k that

arming, man against man, meaning,
everyone wants to have more

killing in the name of God

crowds psychosis,
you believe lies
what man has changed in the book
1000 times

if is just one god,
why is so many religions,
because everyone wants to be right
it is human stupidity
genetically encoded

why all history of war
spring from different views on faith
because everyone wants to be ruler
human greed

it`s like stupid political crap
everyone has truth
religion is whore same like policy

the animals kill for food,
does not infringe the string of Nature
man kills for money and fame

go go go go

if you believe in something
let it out for yourself
understand what is good and evil
in this real life

why believe in heaven and hell
people created real hell on earth

human religion is the war
and war is the hell





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Date: 7/24/11
Music: Rock