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Sexercise me on a Swiss Ball! Men are getting healthy.


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Benefits of having Sex on an exercise ball:

My name is Helen Jones and I am a registered fitness professional that has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years. At University I have studied Exercise science and Biomedical Science, specialising in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Psychology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics and Advanced Neurosciences. I am currently involved in studies investigating neural changes and effects in relation to exercise and activities.

Regular exercise and sex activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle which can make you look good, feel good and live longer with less disease and illness related problems. Relationships are another important part of a healthy life and sexercising on a Sexyballs™ can help strengthen your relationships as well as your body and mind, incorporating sexercising program will add fun and fitness for both male and female participants.

Sexyballs™ book is a professional step by step sexercise guide on safe and effective sex positions that can be performed incorporating many muscle groups and ability levels to achieve a more pleasurable sexercise experience whilst improving strength, muscle tone and even weight loss.
Not only does sexercise improve heart health and lung capabilities, the strength exercises performed during sex on a Sexyballs™ will assist in stimulating specific muscles and erogenous zones (pleasure areas) that cannot be achieved during regular weight training or sex positions.
During exercise and sexual activities, the brain releases chemicals and hormones called endorphins which make people feel pleasure and happiness during and after participation. By combining both Sex and Exercise activities, the participants may enjoy a higher level of satisfaction and enjoyment.
The repetitive nature of the actions in challenging positions on a Sexyballs™ will increase the heart rate to incorporate a cardiovascular workout that will improve stamina and can boost an individuals’ immune system.
A person who engages in regular exercise demonstrates better healthy sex life, report better performance in their jobs, relationships and have lower recorded incidences of mental disorders.

I recommend having sex on a Sexyballs™ for its health related benefits and if better health doesn’t motivate you to exercise perhaps a better sex life will!
Helen Jones
b.sci. (biomed)
*Figures based on calculations using average size data (female:65kg male:80kg) Actual calories burnt may vary according to the size of an individual and fitness levels.



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