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take care of you like a brother
we can fun like friends
love deeper than your mothers
listen im down till the end

verse 1
you can be the fitted and ill be the stiching
the only thing that ties me down is business
for now i just wanna be single chillen
till one comes around that makes me think different
you can find me with my homies smokin drinkin
keep that thought to yourself fucking snitches
to all you haterz fuck it i aint tripping
i throw up L.V dueces everytime im dippin
Verse 2

ill be the streets and you be the lanes
spark it up cuz brain ignites like flames boom
when im in the fucking mood
i kill a beat easily make it two
bout to pull a bad chick in a few
like w.n.b.a coaches do
i want a good girl not a hoe
becuz my love is a sure thing SO
verse 3

you can be the papers and ill be the weed
cuz baby im the only thing you really need
no vegeterian but you know i keep it green
when i get it im split it like mr deeds
brainstorming starts off like MJ seeds
and they come out dope guarenteed
i aint a bitch yo why you starring G
truth is ill beat yo ass with no one daring me




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Views: 1,293
Date: 8/18/11
Music: R&B